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Our office is conveniently located just outside the City of Pittsburgh, PA in a stand-alone building with private parking lot.
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Our size allows us to give personalized attention and provide cost-effective legal solutions to a variety of legal problems.
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Our firm can address a wide range of complex matters with only a few attorneys.
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“Most of our clients come from referrals. We think that says a lot about our practice.” -Don McKay, President

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Practice Areas

McKay & Associates, PC provides legal advice and representation in the following areas:

Commercial and Business Law

We assist in the development, operation and bankruptcy protection of the business enterprise, from corporation formation to the applied use and enforcement of property rights and contract, our firm specializes in helping our clients meet their commercial needs and expand and protect their business endeavors. read more >>

Bankruptcy Attorney 

Bankruptcy may or may not be the right choice for you.  Our bankruptcy attorney can review all of your options, including bankruptcy and other possible solutions to your credit difficulties and answer your questions at no charge to you. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have the tools to make the choice that’s best for you. read more >>

Construction and Commercial Litigation

Disputes in the business context are often unavoidable. We have a depth of civil litigation experience unequaled for this size firm. Specializing in complex litigation including intellectual property, construction, environmental, and other commercial disputes. read more >>

Intellectual Property – Patents

Our firm emphasizes the importance of protecting one’s interest in ideas and technological developments. We can assist an inventor in filing for international or U.S. patent protection and we can manage the individual or corporate patent portfolio to make sure one’s right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention is secured by properly drafted patents. read more >>

Intellectual Property – Copyrights and Trademarks

Further perfecting and exploiting business rights in product or service identification and works of authorship, our firm focuses on the prosecution and enforcement of trademarks and copyrights. read more >>

Wills, Estates, and Trusts

We can protect the future interests of our clients and beneficiaries using our knowledge in lifetime planning, will creation and trust information. read more >>

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*We are a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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